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Dynamic research of Pressure-reducing Valve
Володимир Степанович Бутько, Кирилл Романович Максимов, Даховнік Анастасія Сергіївна

Остання редакція: 2019-04-16

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The principle of work of the Pressure-reducing Valve is shown as an example of linear automatic control system. The dynamics of a constant pressure control device is considered. The low internal resistance of a pressure source for the whole range of fluid flow is assumed. The variable pressure reducing the transient process at the valve outlet after the step reduction of the load throttle is shown. The reduction of the fluid flow due to the valve throttle control slot resistance increasing and the reduced pressure decreasing after the maximum point form the feedback work. The dynamic equations of the hydro pneumatic automatic devices and elements have the form of nonlinear differential equations in partial derivatives that describe the wave processes in variable volumes. Have been distinguished the open deformable control volume of the reducing cavity between the cross sections of the throttle control slot of the valve and before the throttle of the load and determined the stability and quality of transient process.

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Automatic Device; Differential Transformation; Equation of Forces; Pressure-reducing Valve; Throttle Characteristic;

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